Friday, June 24, 2022

Apple 2D Shape Centers

At the beginning of the school year, an apple theme is sure to be used in almost every preschool classroom at some point.  The 2D shape centers are sure to liven up your apple them and provide some great, hands on learning for 2D shapes.  

Each apple shape center activity in this post can be found in this activity packet:

This is an adorable shape sorting activity where students will match each apple with the same shaped tree.   

This is another sort where students simple sort the different apple shapes on each mat.

In this apple sorting activity, students place the shaped apples in the correct basket.

Enhance Your Sorting Activities
You can add to these sorting activities by creating a sensory bin out of the apple shape pieces.  Simply add the apple shape cards into a sensory bin and have students pull out the shapes then match them to each mat.

This seek and find mat can be completed in two different ways.  Students can trace the shape that matches their card or they can use mini erasers, bingo chips or other manipulatives to cover each shape.  This activity can also be paired with a sensory bin where students draw the cards from the sensory bin before marking their page.

These cards allow students to match an apple shape with a standard shape.  With these cards, students can simply match from a pile of cards, place memory match, or concentration.  These cards can also be used in a sensory bin where students pull out the pair of matching cards.

These cards are half page posters or reference cards for each shape.  These cards can be displayed in the room while teaching the shapes or used as reference cards in a math center or a writing center.

These playdough mats make a great fine motor center for students to practice building different shapes.  This activity requires red, green and brown playdough for students to build each shape.

These shape clip cards are also a good fine motor center for students to practice matching shapes.  Students will clip the shape that matching the apple shape on each card.

These clip cards make a perfect task box center activity for easy storage and distribution at center time.

These matching mats are great for little ones to practice identifying and matching shapes.  Above we used bingo chips to mark each square shaped apple on this mat.
Another way these mats can be used is to place them in a page protector and use a dry erase marker to circle each target shape.

You can find each of these shape activities in the following packet:



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