Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Watermelon Craft for Summer

It's summertime!  One of the things we love most about summer is when the watermelons get ripe!  My dad grows them in his garden and each year we get a few fresh watermelon to munch.  Watermelons also make a great theme to center activities around during the summer!  This watermelon craft is perfect for adding to your summer craft rotation for your little ones.

The first thing you will need is to gather the materials.  You will need the watermelon craft template, strips of red, green and black paper, as well as some glue.   I chose to use two shades of green to get the rind affect of the watermelon, but this is totally optional.

After gathering all of your materials, have your little one tear the paper into small pieces.  By allowing them to teat the pieces, you give the child a chance to develop those fine motor skills that their little hands will need for writing in the future.  If the child is unable to tear, or becomes frustrated with the task of tearing, then you can cut the strips into squares for the child to glue to their watermelon.

The next step is to have the child place the colored paper onto their watermelon template.  I used stick glue and rubbed it on a larger area for my 3 year old to place the paper on.  You can use cotton swabs to dab glue dots as well for less mess with this craft.

Once all your paper pieces are on the template you are done!  Allow the watermelon to dry, then you can leave as is, or cut out the watermelon to create a display!


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