Thursday, January 12, 2023

Alternatives to Teachers Pay Teachers

There are many places where teachers can purchase or access teaching materials other than Teachers Pay Teachers.  This post will list only a fraction of sites available, as I will only be talking about the ones I have experience with.  This post, however, will not be detailing blogs with freebies, as there would be too many to list.  This post will have other teaching marketplaces and subscription sites where teachers can access material for their classrooms.

Teacher Sherpa
Teacher Sherpa is a newer site I have recently discovered.  It is a subscription based site, where teachers can sign up to get unlimited downloads for a set price.  They also have a free version, where you can sign up for a free account and receive 5 free downloads of anything on the site each month.  Another interesting thing about Teacher Sherpa is the ability to use their platform to create  your own worksheets.  With fonts and some clip art preloaded to their editing tool, it is possible to create your own activities for you students to complete.

Teach Simple
Teach Simple is another subscription site where teachers can sign up for a small monthly fee and get unlimited downloads of material.  Teach Simple does offer the first month of membership for free, so you can try it out before making a financial commitment.  

Classful is a teacher marketplace, much like Teachers Pay Teachers.  You can make a free account and shop their listings for teaching materials to use in your classrooms.  Classful also has other features, like fundraisers and messaging.  This site is trying to become a platform where teachers can connect.

Made By Teachers
Made by Teachers is more of a basic marketplace, more like what TPT used to be before they started all of the new programs.  Made by Teachers is strictly a marketplace to purchase teacher made lessons and activities. 


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