Up Your Teachers Pay Teachers Marketing Game

This post will showcase my favorite ways to increase sales on Teachers Pay Teachers, from social media platforms, email marketing and more, I will discuss what I use and why it is beneficial to TPT marketing strategies.

1.  Pinterest
Pinterest is by far the biggest traffic driver to my store.  It brings traffic to my blog and to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Now, I know Pinterest has changed a lot over the last few years, and it doesn't work like it used too, but, to put thinks in perspective, this is my 4th year doing Pinterest, and from January 1, 2021 until now, October 13, 2021, I have made over 1k in profits just from Pinterest alone.  It's a long term time investment, not a quick turn around, but with time and patience (like a year to eighteen months in) you can start seeing results.  

Ways to Make Pinterest Successful
There are several platforms I use to make my Pinterest successful.  One is for creating pins, and the other is for scheduling pins.

Canva is where I create my pins.  They have a ton of Pinterest templates to make creating pins simple and fun.  Canva is also a great place to create Instagram posts, Facebook posts and other social media content.  You can even create your own pins and social media posts from scratch, using their blank templates, which allows so much freedom with the creation process.
(By clicking and signing up with the Canva link in this post, I will receive a small reward at no cost to you).

Tailwind is an awesome scheduler for Pinterest (and now Instagram!)  You can schedule pins several years in advance if you so chose and choose the start date for those pins going out.  Tailwind is always keeping up the Pinterest changes, informing users and implementing changes on their site.   Tailwind keeps up with what board pins are already posted on, you can schedule to multiple boards at one time and saves a ton of time!
(By signing up through the link in this post, we will both receive a $15 credit towards a free month of Tailwind).

2.  Flodesk
For email marketing, my favorite platform is Flodesk.  I just recently made the switch to Flodesk from Mailchimp due to the promotion that Flodesk was doing.  I love their set up where one can have unlimited subscribers for a set rate instead of the staggered  subscriptions of every other email marketing platform.  Flodesk is extremely easy to use.  They have templates for creating emails that are intuitive and easy to customize.  They have step by step directions for creating your own banners, signup pages, pop up ads and much more!  Right now, by signing up through the link on this page, you will receive a free one month trial to try out Flodesk!
(By signing up through this link, you will receive a free one month trail to Flodesk.  I will receive a small commission at no cost to  you.)

3.  Facebook Group
It is becoming increasingly more difficult to generate traffic through social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram.  My posts are being distributed to just 1% of my followers on Facebook and about 10% of my followers on Instagram.  With Facebook groups, many of those posts are seeing 20-30% of those group members seeing my posts.  A great deal more people will view your posts in groups rather than your Facebook page.  
My Facebook group is called:  Hands on Activities and Crafts for Kids.  Here, I share about hands on activities and crafts I do with my own children, while allowing others to share their activities as well.  I typically don't mind others sharing their own websites or videos as long as the content they provide is free for others to view and obtain.  

4.  CreativeFabrica
As a seller, we are always looking for fun fonts and cool and unique clip art to include in our resources, so Creative Fabrica is a great site to find both unique fonts and fun clip art to include in our teacherspayteachers products.
(By clicking and signing up with the Creative Fabrica link in this post, I will receive a small reward at no cost to you).


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