Saturday, March 26, 2022

Apple Theme for Preschool

Learning about apples is a great fall theme for preschool.  We typically learned about apples right at the beginning of the year, right after our back to school theme, but it can be taught anywhere from August through November.  

Since we taught about apples right at the beginning of the year, and we began our alphabet learning with the letter a, this craft was the perfect way to bring the two themes together during our second week of school!  Read more about how to make this craft here:  A is for Apple Craft Blog Post.

There are so many different apple themed shape activities that can make learning shapes so much fun!  These center activities can be used in a math center, fine motor center or in sensory bins.  You can learn more about each of these centers in this blog post:  Apple 2D Shape Centers

These apple themed counting centers for numbers 1-10 are all fine motor, hands on activities for students to practice counting to 10.  These math centers help students learn and practice the preschool skills of number recognition, counting with objects, matching numbers, and number order.  To read more about each activity, check out this blog post:  Apple Math Centers for Preschool

Apple Themed Preschool Activities Bundles

Other Themes Associated with Apples


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