Monday, May 9, 2022

Sight Word Foldable Books

We use sight words to promote fluency in reading.  These foldable books allow students to practice recognizing sight words in isolation as well as in context.  Students will read, write and spell each sight word.

There are four different foldable books for each sight word to each teacher can differentiate for each student's level.

There is one book that provides mixed practice.  Students will trace the sight word, write the sight word, read sentences with the sight word, then find the sight word within sentences and then dab the sight word within a group of similar words.

The other types of foldable books come in 3 different formats.  The first format is where students simply read sentences that contain the sight word.  The second, students trace the sight word then read the sentences.  The third, the students write the sight word then read the sentences.  Each of these three books have the same sentences, but the way students interact with each book is different so the teacher can tailer the activity to each student's needs.

Foldable Books Available


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