Saturday, April 2, 2022

Sight Word Flower Craftivity

Sight words are learned by repeated exposure.  Once someone sees the word enough times, they are able to recognize the word by sight, hence the name, sight words.  The follow shows a craft that one can create with sight words.  These sight word flower crafts focus on one word each, and students will see, color and create a flower.

The sight word flower templates, coloring utensils, scissors, glue and colored paper are all you need to put this craft together.  There are three different flower craft templates for each word.  One is very simple with just the word on each piece, the second, shown above, is the word on each petal in various fonts, and the third is the word on each petal with a decorative background.
To make this craft, students will simple begin by coloring the flower however they want and then cutting out each piece.

Students will then glue the pieces together to form a flower.  These flowers can then be used as a classroom display so students can see the words they have learned.

You can try this craft out for FREE!  Just follow this link!

Flower Crafts Available


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