Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Pumpkin Craft with Free Template

It's almost fall and that means pumpkin season!  Today I am sharing with you a pumpkin craft that is great for helping to build those fine motor muscles by tearing paper!  This pumpkin craft can make a great student created bulletin board, door display or hallway display!  Each pumpkin will turn out unique as each child creates the pumpkin in their own way.

This craft is great for toddlers up to kindergarteners.  Toddlers may need some help tearing the paper, or paper squares can be provided for them to glue to their pumpkin.  Kindergarteners can be given an extra step of adding a face to their pumpkin to create a jack-o-lantern.

First, you need to gather your materials.  You will need the pumpkin template (get it for free at the bottom of the post), orange paper, scissors, glue and something to color the stem with.

Each child will get a copy of the pumpkin template.  You will need to prep strips of orange paper for students ahead of time, or you can have the students cut their own strips for extra practice with scissor control.  I cut mine about a half an inch wide.

The next step is to let the students tear the strips of paper into small pieces.  Each student will need 5-6 strips of paper to fill their pumpkin.  You can also have them practice scissor skills here by snipping the strips into squares.

After tearing their paper, the students will glue them to their pumpkin.  They can place them in any way they want to create their own unique fall pumpkin craft.  

Pumpkins can be cut out and displayed as decorations for a pumpkin patch bulletin board, a pumpkin patch door decoration or a fun fall hallway display.

An optional step is to add a face to the pumpkin.  Students can cut their own shapes for their jack-o'lantern or select from precut shapes.  These jack-o'lanterns will also make a great bulletin board, door and hallway displays for Halloween.


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