Saturday, March 26, 2022

Turkey Themed Preschool Activities

Thanksgiving time is a great time to learn about turkeys!  These animals have long been connected to the holiday, so it makes sense to learn about them at that time.  Turkeys can also be taught during a woodland or forest unit if you would like to focus more on the history of Thanksgiving during that time.

Turkey Snack Craft
This craft is fun for students to build their own turkey!  They'll have more fun eating their creation after it is done!  Read more about this turkey snack craft here:  Turkey Snack Blog Post

Turkey Feather Counting
This activity can be done several ways.  Students can count using dabbers or stickers.  You can assign a number to each feather or roll a die to add an element of surprise.  You can read more about this activity here:  Turkey Feather Counting Blog Post

 Turkey Themed Preschool Bundles

(Coming soon)

Other themes associated with turkeys:


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