Thursday, October 28, 2021

Turkey Math Game and Craft

Last November, I was sitting down, trying to come up with an idea for a fun activity to help my then 3 year old learn to count without skipping any numbers.  He routinely left out the number 4.  I had scrolled Pinterest for hours looking for fun counting games and activities, but none had seemed capture his attention.

On a totally unrelated search, I came across a turkey dot painting craft.  I was like, ah ha!  I can turn this into a game for my son to practice counting!   He loves crafts, especially dot markers, so this seemed like the perfect activity.

Fast forward a few days, and I set up the activity.  I drew a turkey on a large sheet of paper (My eldest decided to embellish the turkey to make it look cuter), drew lines where the feathers should be, then showed him what to do.

I gave him a die, instructed him to roll it then he dotted that many dots on the first feather.  We repeated this process until all the feathers were covered.  He thoroughly enjoyed the activity and it forced him to say the number 4 as he counted the higher dice rolls.  

You can also turn this math game and craft into a fine motor activity by using dot stickers instead of dot markers.  Students can get those little hand muscles working by peeling and sticking the stickers on the line.

If you do not feel confident in free handing the turkey, you can get your own turkey body template to use.  Simply sign up below to get it emailed right to your inbox!

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