Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Turkey Snack Craft

The most popular animal of November has got to be the turkey.  Today I am sharing a fun turkey snack craft that most every child can make.  My 2, 4, 6, and 9 year old LOVED this activity, though they probably loved the eating part the most.

First, each child will need 1 doughut (any flavor is fine, I chose cinnamon since all 4 of my kids like that flavor), 4 toothpicks, 2 round candies, 1 candy corn, and a handful of round cereal (we used Cheerios since that is what I had on hand, but Fruit Loops or any other cereal of that nature will work). 
*Note that the candy corn is not pictured.  My brilliant 9 year old came up with the idea to use the candy corn for the beak as I told her I didn't think I had anything that was triangle we could use.  I had totally forgotten I had them until she asked.* 

First, place the 4 toothpicks on the back of the doughnut.  Smaller children may need help with this step to get the toothpicks in the right location.  As long as you leave room for the eyes, the toothpicks can be anywhere on the doughnut.

Then, string the cereal onto the toothpicks.  My youngest only wanted to do one, as she was too impatient and wanted to eat right away!

Next, place the 2 round candies for the eyes and the candy corn for the beak. Now you have completed the turkey and finish with gobbling it up!  This was by far the favorite part of this activity for my crew!

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