Thursday, June 10, 2021

Letter A Craft: Apple

Letter crafts are one thing my kids love, so you will see a lot of them on this blog.  This is one we do every time we introduce the letter A.  We usually pair letter A week with a week of learning about apples, so this craft is perfect for an A is for Apple week.

First, you will gather all your materials.  You need a lowercase letter a print out, scissors, glue, a red and yellow crayon, and black, green and brown construction paper.

The next step is to color your lowercase letter a red and the circle in the middle of the a, yellow.

You will them grab your scissors and construction paper.  You will cut a stem from the brown paper, a leaf from the green paper and some seeds from the black paper.

The final step is to glue the items you cut out to your letter a.  The stem and leaf go on top and the seeds go inside the yellow center.

This letter A craft is perfect for a letter of the week craft.  It also works well for an A is for apple theme or just a general apple themed craft.
And here it is!  The finished letter "A is for Apple" craft!

The letter a outline used to complete this craft can be found here:  Lowercase Letter Outlines

If you love this activity, you can get a FREE printable version of directions.  This freebie will also include templates for creating the apple craft if you do not wish to free hand the cuts for the stem, leaf and seeds.  Just scroll down to the bottom of the post to receive it today!


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