Sunday, August 7, 2022

Apple Themed Preschool Math Counting Centers

I absolutely love doing themes to teach and work with skills.  The apple theme is a great them for back to school time or for a fall theme.  These apple centers are all hands on math centers for practicing counting to 10.  They are great for preschoolers who are learning to count, or to just practice counting to 10.  Most of these centers are hands on, meaning kids must interact with different pieces and parts in order to complete the center.  Many have fine motor skills involved, such as playdough or clip it activities.

This is a great activity for students who need to practice counting to 10.  Students need some sort of stacking manipulative (we used connection cubes) to build to the number on each apple. 

These counting puzzles are great for students who are learning to put the numbers in order from least to greatest.  There is a puzzle for counting up to 5 and a puzzle for counting up to 10.

This count and match mat can make a great file folder game, by placing the count and match mat on one side of the folder and the number cards on the other.  Students will move the number cards on top of the basket that has the matching number of apples.

These counting clip cards will make a great fine motor math center or fine motor task box activity.  Students will simply count the number of apples in each basket then use a clip to cover the correct number.

These tens frame counting cards have students add the correct number of manipulatives to the tens frames.  Using the tens frame model can help students organize the objects they are counting so they do not loose track of where they are.

This is another set of tens frame cards for students to practice counting with.  These cards fit perfectly inside task boxes for easy storage and set up.

Playdough mats are a great fine motor activity for students to pair with counting.  You simply add red, yellow and green playdough to the center and students can roll the playdough into apple shapes to place in their basket.  You can also use manipulatives if playdough is not an option.

These counting puzzles also make a great task box activity.  Students will get exposure to number words with these puzzles.  Students will count the apples then place the correct number to complete each puzzle.

Times to Use
As mention in under various pictures, many of these apple centers work well with task boxes.  They can also be used in math centers, fine motor centers, as morning tubs or baskets, as quiet time activities, or as table top centers in smaller rooms.

Check out all the themes these centers come in here:  Preschool Hands On Math Centers for Counting to 10


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