Monday, February 7, 2022

S is for Strawberry Alphabet Craft

Alphabet crafts are a fun, hands on way to help letter learning stick.  Students can see the letter and make an object that begins with that letter to remember the most common sound each letter makes.  This letter craft is for the letter S!  Here, we will turn the letter S into a strawberry.

First, you will need to gather your materials.  We used a large capital letter S to make our strawberry.  We also need something to color our S red, green paper, black paint, a q-tip, scissors and glue.  An addition piece of colored paper can be used to glue the strawberry onto, but that part is optional.

The first thing you will do is color the letter S red.  You can use crayons, colored pencils, markers or paint.  Once the letter is colored, you will use a q-tip to add the strawberry seeds to your letter S with black paint.  After the paint dries, cut out the letter S.  This is when you have the option of gluing your strawberry to the background paper.

Now you will use the green paper to make the strawberry stem and leaves.  You can free hand this part or access the Freebie Page on the blog for a printable template.

The final step will be to add the stem and leaves onto your strawberry.  Your strawberry craft is now ready to hang up for display on a bulletin board or wall.

The letter template we used in this activity is found here:  

If you do not wish to free hand the stem and leaves (or if you want to make a strawberry craft without using the letter S) simply sign up below to get the strawberry craft template sent straight to your inbox!


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