Sunday, January 23, 2022

Winter Freebies for Preschool

It's winter time and time for some new FREEBIES!  There are 4 freebies in this winter freebie series.  To get your freebies, just sign up below for your weekly freebie email.  You will only receive the 4 emails containing these freebies unless you choose to join the main mailing list.  

This label the snowman freebie allows students to practice labeling skills with a cute snowman theme!

These number seek and find mats are a fun winter themed math center that can be used a variety of ways.  Students can simply draw cards then color the number, they can hunt for numbers in a sensory bin then color the numbers.  Students can use number magnets, number tiles, or other manipulatives to cover the numbers.  This set is a small sample of a larger product series that also includes alphabet mats.  

These winter themed alphabet puzzles will make a great fine motor center.  This set includes letters a-z in both capital letters and lowercase letters.

These number mats are a great math center for number recognition.  Students will cover each number that matches the number on the snowman.  Students can use bingo chips, mini erasers or other manipulatives to cover the numbers

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