Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Addition Flash Cards and Sorting Games for Comparing Sums up to 20

I have been working pretty hard the last few weeks on updating some of my older products to give them more value.  This one focuses on addition fact fluency and comparing sums as well as related addition facts.  Each mat can have multiple uses, as I will explain below.

First off, this set contains one addition fact card for each addition problem with single digit addition within 20 as well as addition with 10 as an addend.  I printed my addition fact cards on colored paper so they can easily pop against the sorting mats.  In addition to using these cards on the mats, they can be used as a matching game, in memory, or as standard flash cards.

This sorting mat can be used for any sum up to 20, and can be used to target specific students who need more or less difficult addition problems.  Simple place the number cards in the rectangle spaces and allow students to sort the addition problems according to their sum.  

This mat is designed to compare sums.  Students will choose two math problems and arrange them on the mat so that each row is true.  The greater than, less than and equal to symbols are also included on their own card so this comparison activity can be done without the mat.

This mat is my personal favorite, and is one of the new mats I added to this set.  Students will pull a math fact card and match it with a math fact with the same sum.  There us one mat that includes sums within 10, and another mat that includes sums within 20.

This mat is the addition within 20 mat in this set, and instead of using the addition fact cards for matching the sums, I used the number cards to answer each problem.  This is to just show another way to use the addition matching mats.

These printable addition sorting math centers can be found here:

BOOM Card Version of this activity:

Google Slides Version of this activity:
Addition Related Facts and Comparing Sums Google Slides


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