Friday, May 21, 2021

Cookie Fraction Project

I like to incorporate cooking into our home school routine, and its a bonus if those cooking activities can help reinforce skills learned in other areas of the curriculum.  My oldest is in the midst of a fraction unit in her third grade math book, so I thought creating a fraction cookie would be the perfect way to review those simple unit fractions.

Fraction Cookie Ingredients
We started by gathering our ingredients.  The great thing about this is you can alter the toppings to what your kid likes!  Mine love all things sweet, but a fruit cookie could be done as well with whipped cream and 3 of your favorite fruits!  

Unit Fraction CookieFraction Cookie Project
We then took the cookie dough (I went store bought to save time, but your favorite cookie dough recipe will work too!) and pressed it down in a 12 inch pizza pan.  We left some space around the edge because I knew the dough would spread while it cooked.  If you don't want to go through the cooking process, purchasing cookies that are approximately 6 inches in diameter would work as well.  

Decorating a Cookie with Fractions
After the cookie was done cooking, we let it completely cool before going to the next step.  

Hands On Fraction Project
Next my daughter spread the frosting over the whole cookie.  Again we went store bought to save time, but homemade icing will work just as well.  

Cooking with Kids: Fraction Cookie
Next we chose a topping to put over half of the cookie.  She chose chocolate chips.

Fraction Cookie
Then, we chose a topping to put over 1/3 of the cookie.  For this, she chose the candy.

Fraction Cookie
Finally, she took her sprinkles and covered 1/4 of the cookie.  We then cut the cookie into 8ths and she was able to enjoy a slice of her work!  

Fraction Cookie

If you love this activity, you can get a FREE printable version of directions and some activity pages to go along with the activity.  Just sign up for the emails at the bottom of the page! 

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