Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Letter A Craft: A is for Alligator

Doing letter crafts has always been something my kids have loved to do, so I have started finding and making different crafts for them to complete for each letter.  This is just the first one in a big series of craft posts I plan to create!

Materials for A is for alligator craft.
First, grab your materials!

Second step to creating the A is for Alligator preschool craft.
Use your scissors to cut each paper into strips to create your alligator.

Glue the green strips to form a letter A.

Cut triangles out of the white paper.

Glue the triangles to look like teeth and then add the googly eye at the very end.

A is for Alligator Alphabet Craft for Preschoolers
Look at this fun little alligator for the letter A!

If you love this craft, you can get a FREE printable version of directions, as well as templates for the craft if you do not wish to freehand all the cuts.  Just sign up with your email at the bottom of this post!  


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