Sunday, August 14, 2022

Pencil Addition Puzzles

My oldest daughter loves to do puzzles.  When she was in Kindergarten, I would try to make as many puzzle activities as I could to help her practice the different concepts we were working on.  These addition pencils was just one of the activities I made for her to practice her addition facts.  

These pencil puzzles make a great math center for kindergarten or first grade.  When I used them with my daughter, I would just give her a set of pencils and ask her to put them together as she solved the problems.  

She would always line them up in a long straight line as she solved each addition fact.  She would end up having a line of puzzles from our front door all the way into our living room!  I know she loved the fact that these puzzles were hands on and allowed her to demonstrate her knowledge of addition facts without having to write all the answers down on a sheet of paper.  

I have recently learned about task boxes, so I have been going back through my older items and organizing them into these task boxes.  My pencil puzzles fit perfectly into the task boxes I have purchased.  This allows for easy center storage and easy center set up!  I can now just pull out the box and the center is ready for my child to use (my third child is currently in kindergarten and just learning to add).  Besides task boxes, these cards can be used as a small group activity, a table top center or as an independent math center for students to practice on their own or with a partner.


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