Saturday, August 20, 2022

Christmas Preschool Math Centers for Counting to 10

The preschool math centers for Christmas provide a variety of ways for preschoolers to practice counting to 10.  These colorful math centers are differentiated and adaptable for a variety of student needs.  I love using hands on math centers with my own kids because they seem to pick up the concepts more quickly and they have fun while completing the activities as well!

This activity helps students practice counting and number recognition.  Students will count the ornaments on the tree then place the correct number one top.  Not only does this make a great math center, it can also be placed in a busy binder for a quiet time activity.  

This activity is one of my kids' favorites.  They all love using connecting cubes with activities, so anything I can find to utilize them is always a win!  With this activity, they take the connecting cubes and stick them together and match their tower to the correct number according to how many cubes they used in building their tower.

Playdough mats are also always a hit with my kids.  The mats in this activity can be used with playdough or other manipulatives if you do not have playdough on hand.  Students simple create playdough balls (ornaments) to decorate their tree according to the number on the mat.  

These ten frames cards give students practice counting to 10.  Students will count the ornaments on the tree then fill each tens frame with the same number of manipulatives.  You can use mini erasers, bingo chips, small presents or any other small manipulative to fill in each square.

These tens frame cards also allow for students to use manipulatives to count to the number shown on each Christmas tree.  These counting cards fit perfectly inside a task box which allows them to be an easy to prep, use and clean up math center for young learners.  

Another great activity for a task box, these counting puzzle cards introduce the number words for zero through ten.  Students match the number piece with the tree that has the correct number of ornaments.  These puzzles make a great math center, morning tub activity or quiet time activity.

These Christmas counting clip cards also make a great task box center.  The cards and some clothes pins fit perfectly in these boxes.  Students will count the number of ornaments on each tree and use the clip to mark the correct number counted.  Not only do students get to practice counting to 10, they also get practice using those fine motor muscles.

The final activity in this counting packet are these counting puzzles.  These puzzles are differentiated to help students be successful on different levels.  One puzzle goes to 5 and the other foes to 10.  Students will get practice putting numbers in the correct order.

Check out all the themes these centers come in here:  Preschool Hands On Math Centers for Counting to 10


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