Saturday, August 6, 2022

Ideas for Using Lowercase Letter Outlines in Your Classroom or Home

Are you a preschool or kindergarten teacher, or just someone who is teaching about the alphabet?  These lowercase letter outlines can be a versatile and useful tool to help teach your learners about letters, letter sounds and letter formation.  These alphabet outlines have many uses and can be used as craft templates, collage mats, playdough mats and even bulletin board letters!


This letter j activity has students paint the lowercase letter j with juice.  In the above picture, I used purple grape juice and letter students use it just as they do with watercolors.

This lowercase letter f craft has students create a flower using the letter f.  Simply create a stem and leaves out of the letter f and then make a flower to place on top.

For this letter a craft, students use a lowercase letter a to make an apple.  Color the a red and make a stem, leaf and seeds to complete the apple craft.  You can read more about this craft here:  A is for Apple Craft

To use these letter outlines as bulletin board letters, simple print them on the desired colored paper, cut out and attach to a bulletin board.

To use these alphabet outlines as playdough mats, simply print the letters on regular paper.  From here, you have 2 options.  You can either laminate the pages or place the pages in page protectors.  By doing one of these two things, you can reuse these mats and not worry about the playdough sticking.  You then grab some playdough and begin filling each letter.

To make collage mats, simply print the letters out on regular paper.  Next, grab some magazines or other forms of print and look for examples of the desired letter to cut out and glue on the mat.  You can also look for pictures that begin with the letter you are working with.

You start by printing off each letter on regular paper.  Next, you locate objects to fill your letter mat.  For example, you can use apple mini erasers for the letter A, or marshmallows for the letter M.  You use these objects to line the letter outlines to form the letter.


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