Thursday, August 4, 2022

Capital Letter Outlines for Alphabet Crafts and Hands On Activities

Letter outlines can be used to do a variety of activities in the classroom or in a homeschool environment.  These large alphabet outlines are perfect for making crafts or using as playdough mats.  These craft templates and mats can be used for toddlers and preschoolers to learn letter recognition and to begin to understand beginning sounds.

One of my favorite ways to use letter outlines is to create letter crafts.  I like to use the letter to create a craft based on something that begins with the letter.  For example, we would use the letter O as a template to make an octopus or use the O to create an ocean scene inside the letter.  

This letter craft is where we turned the letter S into a strawberry.  These crafts combine beginning sounds (S is for strawberry) and fine motor skills (coloring, cutting, gluing and dot painting) to have students to create a meaningful craft to display.  You can read more about this letter craft here:  S is for Strawberry Alphabet Craft

This is another alphabet craft that we have done.  We turned the letter N into a night time sky.  This time the fine motor skills we practiced were painting, cutting, gluing and placing stickers.  You can read more about how we made this craft here:  N is for Night Alphabet Craft

Another thing we like to do with letter outlines is to create collages.  With the letter Q collage above, we looked through magazines and cut out question marks to cover our letter Q.

To use these letter outlines as bulletin board letters, simple print them on the desired colored paper, cut out and attach to a bulletin board.

To use these alphabet outlines as playdough mats, simply print the letters on regular paper.  From here, you have 2 options.  You can either laminate the pages or place the pages in page protectors.  By doing one of these two things, you can reuse these mats and not worry about the playdough sticking.  You then grab some playdough and begin filling each letter.

To make collage mats, simply print the letters out on regular paper.  Next, grab some magazines or other forms of print and look for examples of the desired letter to cut out and glue on the mat.  You can also look for pictures that begin with the letter you are working with.

You start by printing off each letter on regular paper.  Next, you locate objects to fill your letter mat.  For example, you can use apple mini erasers for the letter A, or marshmallows for the letter M.  You use these objects to line the letter outlines to form the letter.


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