Monday, October 11, 2021

Candy Corn Craft

In the fall, during Halloween time, we love to do activities with candy corn.  Not only do we love to eat the candy, we love to decorate with it too!

First you will need gather your materials and draw the candy corn shape on your paper.  We used a white crayon on black paper.  If you do not like to draw or free hand your templates, you can get a printable template by clicking the link below.  

For this particular candy corn, we chose to practice fine motor skills and tear our strips of paper to glue onto our candy corn.  My son LOVED tearing up his paper.

After tearing all the paper, we glued it inside our candy corn, white on top, orange in the middle and yellow on the bottom.

There are several other ways to complete this craft besides tearing paper.  Here, my daughter searched for stickers of the various colors to fill in her candy corn.

Here, paper squares were used to fill in the candy corn.  Here, you can provide the squares to the child or have the child snip the strips of paper to get some scissor practice in with this version of the craft.

Other versions of this craft can include:
  • Much like the sticker idea, use magazines to find pictures of the three colors to glue in each spot.
  • Use collage materials to fill in each space.
  • Simply color the candy corn
  • Use dot markers to fill in the candy corn

Detailed craft directions and templates found at the link below!


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