Saturday, October 9, 2021

Spider Craft

My kids love crafts, especially my oldest daughter and youngest son.  This spider craft is  one we do every couple of years as another kid gets old enough to fold the legs.  This craft is a great preschool or kindergarten craft as it help students with several skills needed for beginning writing.  They get to color and cut, which helps with hand eye coordination, as well as fold the legs of the spider, to help with those fine motor skills and fine muscle development.  

This spider craft is great for a Halloween craft or a just as a craft to do when learning about spiders.  When hung from the ceiling (or top of the wall if your center does not allow the hanging of things from the ceiling) they make a great classroom display.

To make this craft, you need a spider template page, construction paper for the legs, scissors, glue or tape, string and a hole punch.  

The very first thing you will do is to color your spider.  The directions say to use black, and if you want a more realistic spider, then black or gray is the most common color.  If you just want to make a fun craft, then any color can be used to color the spider.  After coloring your spider, you will cut it out.

The next step is to get eight spider legs.  Again, use black or gray construction paper for a more realistic spider, but any color you wish to use will be just fine!

Here is where those fine motor muscles can get some work.  Have students fold the paper for each of their legs in a back and forth pattern.

Next, tape or glue the wiggly legs to the back of the spider.  I have found tape works best when your kids are wanting to pick up and play immediately.  If you don't have tape or glue, you can also staple the legs to the spider body.

Finally, use a hole punch to place a hole on the back to the spider and add the string.  Now you can hang the spiders from the ceiling for a fun classroom or home display!



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