Thursday, June 24, 2021

$1 Phonics Games and Activities for the AB Word Family

Phonics is a big part of our curriculum.  We love playing games games to practice new phonics skills.  These phonics games can be played over and over and over and some of them have several versions to best fit your needs. This post will contain some of the games we like to play and all of them are on $1.  

One big part of learning to read is building fluency.  This packet is designed to allow students to practice reading sentences that contain AB words and also includes a fluency story.  (FLUENCY READING)

It does not matter how well one reads if they do not understand what they are reading.  These mats allow students to match the pictures to the correct word or sentence.  Students will read the word or sentence and then place the picture on top of the word or sentence.  We love these mats for providing a hands on way to practice reading. (READING MATS)

Another reading comprehension activity are these sentence matching cards.  Students will read the sentences and then match the picture to the correct sentence!  This is another fun hands on activity for practicing reading comprehension. (SENTENCE MATCH)

One of our all time favorite activities for learning are clip cards.  You can place almost any number of concepts or activities on clip cards.  With these, students will choose the ending that matches each word.  There are also clip cards that have students clip the correct word out of a group of similarly spelled words. (CLIP CARDS)

My kids have a new found love for dice games.  They love the randomness of play and the ability to play the same game over and over.  These dice games can be for individual students or a pair of students to play.  They will roll the dice then either color, write or trace the words on each recording sheet.  (DICE GAMES)

My oldest absolutely loved any activity that involved a craft.  These flower crafts are great for introducing a new skill or to review a skill already taught.  (FLOWER CRAFT)


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