Tuesday, March 23, 2021

All About Boom Cards™

Boom Cards is a new to me platform that I have grown to love!  All of my kids love it too.  This post will tell you all about Boom Learning and what it has to offer you as teachers, or homeschooling families.

Match the pictures that are the same!  Practice visual discrimination with students who need more practice.
Click on the picture that is the same!  This deck practices visual discrimination.
Matching Boom Cards

What are Boom Cards?

Boom cards are simply put, digital task cards.  Students can complete a variety of activities from fill in the blank to drag and drop to clicking the right answer.  Boom Cards are fully digital and require internet access to play, but can be accessed from a computer, phone, I-pad or tablet.

Read sight words with these sight word readers.  This set of emergent readers focuses on specific words to give students extra practice.
These sight word readers target specific words to help students learn to read.
Sight Word Readers

Why should I want to use Boom Cards?

Boom cards are fun, engaging and provide immediate feedback for students who are working on them.  They can be shared on screen in programs like Zoom, for teachers to walk students through, or assigned individually to students to complete on their own.  Boom makes data tracking available so teachers can see student progress, how well they performed and even which answers they chose on each cards.  

Read sight words and vocabulary words then type the sentence you read.  Audio files included to help remind students of proper sentence structure.
Students read simple sentences and then type the sentence in the box.  This deck targets sight words and themed vocabulary words.
Read and Type Boom Cards

Is it free?

Boom does offer a free option.  This option allows up to 5 students in one class.  You do not, however, receive the data tracing.  Another way to use Boom for free is to assign the decks using a fast pin.  Fast pins do not allow for data tracking either, but you are able to assign these to as many students as needed.  Boom offers tears of membership depending on the size of your class or your individual teacher needs.  There are many free deck options to explore, or you can choose to purchase decks to use.

Drag and drop the correct ending punctuation on each sentence.
Drag the correct punctuation to the end of each sentence!
Punctuation Drag and Drop

Can I make my own Boom Cards?

Yes you can!  You do need to purchase an Ultimate membership if you wish to create more than 5 decks, or if you wish to become a seller.

Where do I sign up?

Just go to the Boom Learning website and make an account!  

Here are some free decks to start exploring!

L Blends

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Two Digit Numbers: Least to Greatest


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