Tuesday, March 9, 2021


Hello everyone!  I am Jennifer with The Connett Connection and I am here to tell you more about myself and what this blog is all about.

First, we will backtrack a few years, well 15 years to be exact. I began my teaching career in pre-k in Savannah, GA.  I had 20 kids and no idea what in the world I was doing.  I have to say, college gave me the theoretical knowledge of what I needed to teach, but not the practical knowledge of how to actually manage 20 4-5 year olds every day for 180 days AND actually teach them something.  It was a rough year, but it taught me SO much about what I needed to do and how I was supposed to do it.  I also had a wonderful, experienced assistant who helped to guide me as well.

My second year was much smoother.  We had moved states over the summer and were now living in Kentucky.  I went from teaching 20 kids in one room to only 7.  I felt so much more freedom to be able to teach and benefit these 7 kids in ways that were not possible with a room of 20 kids.  I stayed at this school for 3 years.  

After leaving Kentucky, we moved back to Georgia.  There was the job market crisis and I was unable to secure a teaching position.  I also had my first child, and we decided then, that I would stay home with her and I have been home since.  We decided early on to homeschool are children, and once that decision was made, I researched and worked on how to provide the best learning environment and activities for my kids at home.

In the course of research, I came across Teachers Pay Teachers and the community of sellers there.  I saw some of the amazing things they were doing and realized I absolutely love creating resources.  I had already made several activities for my daughter, tailored to her learning style and interest.  I put a few up and was hooked.  Fast forward 4 years, and here we are today.  I have expanded my store to include so much more than printable activities, and now have Boom Cards, Google activities and so much more!

With this blog, I plan to share my product creations, fun activities and crafts, and some of the day to day things we do as a homeschooling family.  If you ever wondered what its like to manage a home, business and 4 kids all at the same time, then you have come to the right place!

To see my stores, you can check out the links on the right hand side.  To see our day to day activities while homeschooling, check out my Facebook and Instagram, also linked on the right!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my new blog and what we have going on.  If you have any questions, comments or just want to say, "hi!" don't hesitate to contact me!


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