Sunday, July 3, 2022

Fourth of July Rocket Craft

Fourth of July is approaching rapidly, so we are making a lot of fun crafts to celebrate the holiday.  This one is a Fourth of July rocket that kids can create and play with.

First, you need to gather your materials.  You will need 1 toilet paper roll (or paper towel roll cut in half), stickers, tape or glue, streamers, and anything else  you want to decorate with.

Then, you will decorate the toilet paper roll however you want.  We simply used colored pencils and stickers to decorate ours, but any craft supplies can be used to create these rockets.

Next, you will cut the streamers.  We cut ours about a foot long, but they can be any length you like.  We only had blue streamer on hand, but you can mix up the colors however you like.

You will now tape or glue the streamers inside the toilet paper roll you decorated.  We chose tape so we did not have to wait for it to dry before playing with the rockets,

Now your rocket is ready to play with!  My kids ran around the house with them, threw them to make them fly and simply twirled around with them.  The had so much fun playing with their rockets.


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